The story from the past or Sangiran site in the 1930s is still displayed in the Display Area 2 of Ngebung Cluster Early Man Museum. Display Area 2 is begun with a display about fossils that are used by locals as medicine. the display shows a traditional doctor is making a concoction for his patient who is laying in a small bamboo hut. If visitors take a look at their left a display with oriental decoration is seen reflecting that in China, there is also an early man site that the fossils are used as medicine.

ngebung-iv-2 ngebung-iv-4

After witnessing old and traditional medicine in Sangiran, visitors will see information about those who have dedicated their life for Sangiran site. The first photo (left) is a photo of Koenigswald and his colleagues that also foreign researchers who have researched Sangiran site. The second photo (right) is a photo of locals who has great influence in Sangiran’s society at the time also photo of Koenigswald’s fossil collections. They worked together helping Koenigswald’s research and after Indonesia earned its independence, they continued the research.

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Sangiran site that has abundant archeological resources became a magnet for researchers after the Indonesia’s independence day. It is shown with a display about Sangiran site from 1950 until 1980. As the time goes, Sangiran site not only attracts archeologists but also attracts paleoanthropologists, anthropologists and geologists. To remember the services from those scientists, their pictures are also displayed along with their contributions to Sangiran site.

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Stepping to the next room but still in the Display Area 2, visitors is presented with a place similar with a classroom. There are table, chair and blackboard picturing a classroom in the past that taught information about Sangiran.


Display area 2 is featured with a sophisticated technology like a touchscreen panel that is able to satisfy the visitors with everything it offers. Information about stone tools and flake tools which are primordial culture that are found in Ngebung is wrapped in the touchscreen panel.

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Beside information provided in the touchscreen panel, information in a form of game that is related with stone tools is provided. By following this simple game, visitors will understand the information quickly.


Learn from the history, so we can understand the struggles from those who have dedicated their life for Sangiran site. Learn with easy and simple way and also fun is a thing that this museum promises you. A lesson for the future generations to feel the sensation of the past which is presented in this museum. (wiwit hermanto)

-translated by: Arif Budianto-