In Display Area 3 of Ngebung Cluster Early Man Museum, an elephant reconstruction, which is very usual to find this animal’s fossils in Sangiran site, is seen glaringly. The reconstruction of old elephant whose type is Stegodon elephant could bring visitors back to when this elephant was alive. Visitors could witness how big this old elephant at that time. This reconstruction is part of introduction of early man to visitors by elephant reconstruction. There is a black board beside the reconstruction that explains the anatomy and the reconstruction of the elephant. With the reconstruction and its explanation hopefully will explain Stegodon elephant to visitors.


Before the elephant reconstruction, visitors can see a story before Sangiran becomes a World Heritage. Sangiran was a dry and infertile land that makes plant barely grew in here. The researchers tell a story that sun was very scorching as it was felt very close to Sangiran. In rainy season, there were many landslides that makes fossils appeared to surface. Society at that time believed in an old myth. The myth was known as “Balung Butho” myth (Giant’s bone myth) that should be respected by everyone with all accessories that accompanied it. This myth began to fade away when von Koenigswald came to Sangiran.


To complete the information from the past, Display Area 3 is featured with futuristic technology. Information is delivered via touchscreen panel that is able to fulfil visitors’ curiosity. Information about Sangiran in modern science discipline is explained by experts from various disciplines. Those disciplines are: archeology by Dra. Retno Handini, M.Si; Dr. Daud Tanudirjo, M.A.; and Dr. Harry Truman Simanjuntak. From Geology discipline there are: Prof. Dr. Yahdi Zaim and Ir. Wartono Rahardjo. From anthropology are: Lono Simatupang and TM. Hari Lelono. From Paleoanthropology there are: Dr. Rusyad Adi Supriyanto and Dr. Harry Widianto. At the end of Display Area 3, visitors can give opinion, impression, or suggestion to improve Sangiran site especially Cluster Ngebung Early Man Museum.

ngebung-v-4 ngebung-v-3

The end of Display 3 is the end of the journey travelling the history of Sangiran site. A long journey that full of obstacles that is summarized in this museum. A journey to the past, to the history of Sangiran site that can be easily enjoyed by visitors and presented neatly. A long history of Sangiran that can be used as a lesson for the future generation, a lesson from the past for the future. (wiwit hermanto)

-translated by: Arif Budianto-