Appreciation for those who have dedicated their life in introducing Sangiran site to the world has a special place in Ngebung Cluster Early Man Museum. It can be seen in the first display area (Display Area 1) in this museum which shows photos of the figures who are considered as heroes in introducing the Sangiran site to the world. Visitors will be introduced to the heroes of Sangiran site from their photos and information with it in the touchscreen panel which also presents information about Raden Saleh, LJC, and van Es.

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The most special thing here is Raden Saleh who appears as the only local hero that is acknowledged as a hero by introducing Sangiran site to the world. From his paintings, he is levelled with scientists and acknowledged by many people. The tale about his ability is displayed in Raden Saleh’s Display. This display is very informative and easy to be understood. From photos, writings and the sophisticated technology applied in the touchscreen panel provide knowledge and understanding to visitors that are expected to become prouder with what Indonesian could do. Raden Saleh’s ability in painting could attract the world’s attention and becomes an important figure in introducing Sangiran site to the world.

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In the touchscreen panel, information about Raden Saleh and his works are provided. Herman Willem Daendels, Hindia Belanda Governor in 1808-1811 is one of many figures who have been made as Raden Saleh’s painting object. Raden Saleh paintings are very famous at that time. Beside painting a figure, Raden Saleh also made a romanticism style painting and ideal Dutch landscape with a house at the edge of a pond in 1834, a sketch of coconut opener tool that has high artistic value. All of these can be seen directly from the touchscreen panel that is provided in the Display Area 1 of Cluster Ngebung Early Man Museum.

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Exclusive display room to remember van Es’ contribution in making Sangiran site’s geological map that later becomes a basic information for Koenigswald in doing his research and also adding information about Sangiran at that time. It is added with Dubois’s story who is first foreign researcher in exploring Sangiran site before he moved to Tulungagung and Trinil. Cranium and shinbone founded by Dubois in Trinil are also displayed here.


This display is provided with touchscreen panel that contains information about van Es and his works. Visitors can grab those thing in the touchscreen panel whose information can be absorbed easily. A work that is presented with sophistication of technology.

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From those collections, it can be learned that the journey of Sangiran site until it is known by the world and is acknowledged as World Cultural Heritage is a long and not an easy journey. Sangiran site holds an important role in science world in discovering the “Missing Link” mystery. Everything is gotten with hard work from Sangiran’s heroes. A history from the past that becomes a light for the future generations. (wiwit hermanto)

-translated by: Arif Budianto-