They Bring to Light the Important of Sangiran Site (Reog, Kuda Kepang)


Reog is one of cultural performances from the north-west of East Java, and particularly Ponorogo is considered as the origin of this performance. Actually, Reog is a story about the king of Ponorogo who wanted to propose the princess of Kediri, Dewi Ragil Kuning. However, on the way to Kediri, he was stopped by King Singobarong from Kediri. King Singobarong was along with his troops, a number of peacocks and lions. On the other hand, from Ponorogo Kingdom, King Kelono and Bujang Anom were guarded by warok (men who are wearing black uniform in the dance) who had deadly black magic. The whole performance shows a dance of war between the Kingdoms of Kediri and Ponorogo that compete on their black magic and usually, the dancers are in trance during the performance.

The Reog artists still can be found in Tegal Ombo. (Duwiningsih, Ratna Sri Panglipur, Ike Wahyuningsih, Gunawan, Iwan SB) Please click here