They Bring to Light the Important of Sangiran Site (Tayub Dance)


Tayub is considered as a traditional performance that first appeared in the era of Singosari Kingdom. Originally, tayub was the expression of happiness to welcome the arrival of guest as well as a part of festival. It is a kind of dance done in pairs between tledhek or joged and men dancers as penayub. Tayub dancers begin the performance with Gambir Anom dance, a classical dance with graceful movement. Then, a bit instruments are played. What is unique from this performance is that the audiences are invited to the stage for dancing with the dancers. Honourable guests are usually given the sash by a dancer and have the obligation to dance with her. Such performance is mostly found in the events, like wedding ceremony, celebration of a circumcision, and welcoming official guest held in some villages of Sragen Regency. (Duwiningsih, Ratna Sri Panglipur, Ike Wahyuningsih, Gunawan, Iwan SB) Please click here