Sangiran Fauna in the Last 2,4 Million Years (Modern Elephants)


Elephas sp. Is the most modern compares to Mastodon and Stegodon. The characteristics differentiate the previous elephants are the type of the teeth and the tusks, which are more straight to uproot the tres which the roots and the branches will be consumed by the elephas. Their teeth are Hypsodont, characterized by high covers. Those are suitable to chew harder diets such as dried grass and grains. The elephants are the biggest land mammals and wide range dweller, in area cover aproximately 32,4-166,9 km2. The elephants also need the tree-vegetation habitat to fulfill the need of calcium to support the bone, teeth, and tusks. Due to their imperfect digestion, elephas need much food, between 200 – 300 kg per day for adults or 5-10% of their weights. Elephas’ fossils was found in Kabuh Formation, dated to 500,000-600, 000 years ago. (Pipit Puji Lestari, Marlia Yulianti Rosyidah, Febri Wijanarko, Iwan SB) Plese click here