Sangiran Fauna in the Last 2,4 Million Years (Ancient Elephants/ stegodon sp.)


Stegodon lived in Asia at Pliocene to Pleistocene (5 mya -10000 ya). They do not have tusk in mandible. The tusks usually grow on maxilla, in curved and rounded forms. The teeth are brachydont, with low teeth’s covers. This type of teeth indicate to chew the smooth leaves, but do not suitable for harder foods such as dried grass or grains. Stegodon’s fossils were first found in Kabuh Formation, dated to 500,000 – 600,000 years ago by Atmo in Ngrejeng Sub­village, Somorodukuh Village, Plupuh District. (Pipit Puji Lestari, Marlia Yulianti Rosyidah, Febri Wijanarko, Iwan SB) Plese click here