Sangiran Fauna in the Last 2,4 Million Years (Antelope/ Duboisa santeng)


Antelope is goat-like animal. Sangiran at Pleistocene has been occupied by such animal, called as Duboisia Santeng. Sangiran has fossil of Duboisia Santeng’s skull, with the rest of horn’s base and teeth. Those animals are kind of endemic animals. Other antelope lived in Sangiran and the fossils evidence is also found is Epileptobos groenoveldtii.

Other characteristic of this animal is having short horns for Duboisia Santeng and longer horns for Epileptobos groenoveldtii. Those kind of horns are only possessed by male. Antelope has the length from head to body about 1,2 meters, and the length of tails reached 17,8 cm, and height reach 81,2 cm, and weight up to 73 kilograms. (Pipit Puji Lestari, Marlia Yulianti Rosyidah, Febri Wijanarko, Iwan SB) Plese click here