Sangiran Fauna in the Last 2,4 Million Years (Deer/cervus hippelaphus)


There were several kinds of deers lived in Sangiran. In Biology, any kinds of deers are included in Cervidae family. Those are deer or Menjangan (cervus hippelaphus) and Kijang (Muntiacus muntjak). According to the position of those fossils findings which are from Pucangan and Kabuh Formation, they lived in Sangiran at Early Pleistocene to Late Pleistocene ( 2,000,000­600,000 years ago). The characteristic of this animal is in the horns called ranggah, which is anually growth of bone, usually on summer or dry season, and only for male deer, although there was an exception. Cervus is Cevinae sub-family, and the Muntiacus is from Muntiaciane Sub- family. The kind of deer have been found in Sangiran are Cervus hippelaphus and Cervus (Axis) Idekkeri, and also Muntiacus Muntjak. (Pipit Puji Lestari, Marlia Yulianti Rosyidah, Febri Wijanarko, Iwan SB) Plese click here