Books Souvenirs from Sangiran for SMA N 01 Pleret  


“Thank you for the books, i hope it can be meaningful for us and in the future BPSMP Sangiran can give informations through another books”, said Heri Widyawati as the Library Head of SMA N 01 Pleret.

On Tuesday, 12th March 2019 SMA N 01 Pleret group visited the Sangiran Cluster Krikilan Museum was a learning tool outside the classroom. This visit aims to get a knowledge and insight for the students especially in history side.

In this chance, the group got some books as souvenir to increase knowledge and insight. This souvenirs as tool to deliver informations to the students of SMA N 01 Pleret. “This books can be can be useful for students who have not visited here”, she continued.

The book given to the group use popular language so it is easy to understand. Besides ““Knowing the Sangiran Early Man Site”, the library also given Trilogy books title “Sangiran Answer the World”, “Trace Steps After Sangiran”, and “The Breath of Hominid Sites”.

This books expected can increase library collection of SMA N 01 Pleret besides to become source of inspiration for the students. “Hopefully it can be useful for the students who want to write scientific paper in the school”, said Widyawati.

Books as source of knowledge will bring various benefits that can be utilized by various parties. Become a belief that books delivered to the library of SMA N 01 Pleret bring information about Sangiran to far away. Through spreading books about Sangiran will give a knowledge to various side, besides also being one of the obligations of BPSMP Sangiran to convey information.

Through this books, as a door of knowledge will provide information to the public about the importance of preserving the Sangiran site. As a site in Pleistocene era which has been recognized by the world as a world cultural heritage. A pride from Sangiran for Indonesian nation. (Wiwit Hermanto)

Translate by Mutiara Solikhah