Books with Teacher Technology to Get Closer to the Millennial Generation


Books become one of the most important sources of knowledge; become a delivery of thought from the writer to the reader. Through books, BPSMP Sangiran delivered kind of information to the society.

On the visit from SMA N 01 Pleret on Tuesday, 12th March 2019 book has become one of precious information delivered to the group. The group visited the Sangiran Cluster Krikilan Museum to get knowledge and insight as a learning tool outside the classroom. “Our arrival here to get a knowledge and insight for the students, beside that we want our students have a pride to their nation’s heritage”, said a teacher on his remarks.

In this chance, BPSMP Sangiran gave a book with title “Knowing the Sangiran Early Man Site”. This book was created by young writer in BPSMP Sangiran wanted to introduce Sangiran to millennial generation. This book tell about life past in Sangiran with a brief language and easy to understand.

This book tells various past event in Sangiran by giving a simple picture but meaningful.  Besides that, this book also implements an AR (Augmented Reality) application that is so tempting for millennials. By downloading this application on Play Store, the reader can enjoy the convenience offered.

The convenience can be obtained by millennial generation who are familiar with technological advancement. The utilization of technological progress is more interesting to millennial generation so it can make them closer with Sangiran’s information. This becomes an advantage from books published by BPSMP Sangiran. “We try to utilize technology to bring the millennial generation closer to being highly technology conscious with information about Sangiran”, said Iwan Setiawan Bimas the Head of Utilization Section.

This breakthrough is a progress for BPSMP Sangiran in purpose to deliver information to the society especially millennial generation. In order to be close to millennial generation as next generation, must be with what they like. By technological advancement, the information about Sangiran will be easier to spread. A breakthrough for progress in terms of disseminating information about Sangiran will continue to be developed. (Wiwit Hermanto)

Translate by Mutiara Solikhah