When the Slogan “Once Airs Continue to Air” Echoes in Sangiran


Sangiran site is a site when Pleistocene, has wealth of history and early human life story in the past. The wealth are finding of early human and its culture, animals lived at that time, and all still recorded clearly through ground layer in Sangiran site. Thus, the story revealed by group of PDP (Rural Sound Management) Surakarta Indonesia Republic Radio visited to BPSMP Sangiran and welcomed in T.Jacob room on Wednesday, 13th March 2019.

The group welcomed friendly and introduced with greatness remains exist in Sangiran site. Through brief explanation, continue with movie playing, and then explored the displays in Sangiran Cluster Krikilan Museum. “Thank you for welcoming us here, hope our visit will be useful. Our visit here hopefully become part of publication about the wealth of early human story in the past should be spread to present society as learning and knowledge”, said by a representative of the group.

Besides, Mangun Sudaryanto as the Head of PSP RRI Surakarta said, “this is become a part of publication to the society, sometimes ago Mr. Hidayat and Mr. Iwan come to RRI Surakarta and become an information for Sangiran society”.

The movie played for the group titled”Sangiran for the World”, give various brief explanations through audio visual about Sangiran. Early human life story in the past, and human who lived in Sangiran become complement of early human life story in Sangiran. The society who lived in Sangiran is precious asset in preservation Sangiran site not only became pride of nation but also became the knowledge of the world.

In this museum, the group will be spoiled of the collection in 3 displays. First display tells about Sangiran Wealth with various findings displayed on the room. Second display tells about The Step of Humanity from the beginning of universe until the destruction caused by human. In this room the group will be spoiled with collection and various technologies also diorama to make it like a real. Third display tells about Golden Era of Homo erectus lived 500.000 years ago, explained about early human life through diorama and mannequin.

Through this visit, hope Sangiran site can give information to the society like RRI, which has long provided information to the public. Not wrong if, “Once Airs Continue to Air” can give spirit in spreading information about Sangiran. (Wiwit Hermanto)

Translate by Mutiara Solikhah