When SMA N 01 Pleret was Presented A God’s Greatness


In order to increase students’ knowledge and insight, SMA N 01 Pleret held a visit to the Sangiran Cluster Krikilan Museum on Tuesday, 12th March 2019. The group consist of the 11th grade IPS students and the guide teacher, the total are 72 people. “Our arrival here to get a knowledge and insight for the students, beside that we want our students have a pride to their nation’s heritage”, said a teacher on his remarks.

History knowledge especially about Sangiran and early life has become one of learning materials in the school. This visit activity is a place to provide knowledge outside the classroom, so it can prove the material got in the class. The theory material then continue by exploring in a field has become an important for the students in understanding the material got by their teachers.

By witnessing evidences of past relics from early life in Sangiran, the students will know directly which is then expected can give a pride in their conscience. Our visit aims as field material also instilling in students that this nation has cultural greatness. This is should be instilled so the students have a sense of belonging and pride of past relics, continued by group representative.

To give knowledge and instill noble value of past relics, the group brings to discuss, watching a movie about Sangiran, giving book about Sangiran, and walked around the museum. By discussing, the group was expected better able to receive information that delivered by the guides also the collection in display. Movie can be a tool to give kind of information in a brief and interesting to the group.

The books given to the group are an information media that delivered scientifically but with a popular language so it easy to understand. By witnessing the collections in display, the group can see the evidence of God’s greatness that exist around us. All of this is way to educate the society through motion and step done by BPSMP Sangiran.

Educate the society especially about early life in the past can be a source of knowledge. A picture of the greatness of the nation is not easily found in every place. A pride that presented for next generations, and today’s generation is SMA N 01 Pleret. (Wiwit Hermanto)

Translate by Mutiara Solikhah