They Bring to Light the Important of Sangiran Site (Hadrah)


The development of hadrah, which is also well-known as terbangan, is closely related to the history of Islam. From a linguistic view, hadrah derives from the Arabic word hadhoro or yuhdhiru or hadron or hadhrotan which means the presence. However, hadrah is mostly defined as a rhythm from rebana (tambourine) sound. Additionally, from tasawuf (mysticism) term, hadrah can also be described as a useful method to open the heart as doing such activity in a right manner will make ones’ awareness get close to God and His Prophet. This kind of art expresses the spirit of adoring the God and His Prophet. No one really knows when hadrah arrived in Indonesia, yet it is strongly related to the development of Islam distribution by Wali Songo.Hadrah is always adorning Moslem’s activities suh as the celebration of Maulid Nabi, tabligh akbar, new year of hijriyah, and other Islamic ceremonials. Thus far, hadrah develops fast in Indonesia as the music instrument for wedding ceremony, circumcision, birth of baby, Islamic music festival, extracurricular activity at school. Hadrah can be found in Gemolong. (Duwiningsih, Ratna Sri Panglipur, Ike Wahyuningsih, Gunawan, Iwan SB) Please click here