They Bring to Light the Important of Sangiran Site (Kotekan Lesung)


Rice-mortar is more than a mean to pound rice. There is a philosophy related to it showing rice-mortar as a means for togetherness and reducing social conflict. In the past, people used rice-mortar to entertain them while pounding the rice and also as a signal whenever they are in danger, like the occurring of natural disaster and eclipse. The sound of mortar instruments could also be used for gathenng people to come at traditional ceremony like “bersih desa” and rice harvest. At first, Kotekan Lesung was only for pleasure while having break in the middle of pounding nee, then it developed into a symbol of social activity for agricultural society.

Mortar is made from a whole body of a tree and then a hole is made in the middle so that it looks like a fishing boat. The mortar is used to peel off rice by hitting pestle. In Java, it is called as nutu or ndeplok which is done in a group. It is still can be found in Saren Village, Kalijambe District. (Duwiningsih, Ratna Sri Panglipur, Ike Wahyuningsih, Gunawan, Iwan SB) Please click here