The Real Action to Invite the Community to take role in Preservation of Sangiran Site


The 106th Archeology anniversary on Friday, June 14 2019 has become a simple excitement but has deep meaning. The involvement of around communities in this event has become special side on this year.

In this event, BPSMP Sangiran held a flag ceremony, green walk, and tree planting in Punden Tingkir, and also clean trash around Sangiran museum cluster Krikilan and monument finding S.27.

The society must have ownership feeling so they want to participate in preservation Sangiran site. This event makes people aware that their role has become a key preservation Sangiran site in the future. They are the real owner of the most land on Sangiran site. They are also able to move and understand the early man culture that still be utilized until now in the society.

Besides that, the society and village officials of Sangiran start to get chances in order to give contributions for preservation Sangiran site. The utilization of Sangiran site for society prosperity is one of preservation efforts. This began to be understood and endeavored with support from village officials as the smallest government element that is always beside the community.

One of the utilization of Sangiran site which is being promoted by the society is Punden Tingkir. The location is close to the Sangiran Early Man Museum Krikilan cluster, and only boundaries by Bapang irrigation canal and Sangiran Monument S.27.  “We hope Punden Tingkir as one of alternative cultural tourism destinations that not far from Sangiran museum”.  “Hopefully, this location can be more popular and in the end can be alternative destination, can give cultural contribution, and also increase the economics of around community”, said by one of Punden Tingkir organizer.

Punden Tingkir since this time started to organize seriously by the community supported by Krikilan village government. It has various repairing of sides, addition of attraction and facilitation repairing. “We try to improve the quality of Punden Tingkir step by step. By planting tree from BPSMP Sangiran, hopefully it can be good mark for the future, can be one of up to date cultural destination, therefore we also plant some flowers that can be selfie area”, said by one of Punden Tingkir organizer. The location of Punden Tingkir is nearby Monument S.27 that can be give information to each other’s to the visitors. Monuments S.27 is located on the edge of the Bapang canal, Sangiran, Krikilan, Kalijambe, Sragen with the findings of archaic early human skulls. Historical evidence found by local community when making Bapang irrigation canals. A history that should be known by the community and it exist on their land.

Hopefully, the effort to raise the community potential of the community initiated by BPSMP Sangiran is the beginning of an invitation for the community to participate in efforts to preserve the Sangiran site and invite them to recognize the potentials they have. Potential that is not threatening but gives its own color to this prideful site. This becomes the concern of BPSMP Sangiran in raising the identity of local community. (Wiwit Hermanto)  Translate by Mutiara Solikhah