Meaningful Event on Archeological Anniversary in Sangiran


On 2019, has important meaning for preserving cultural heritage, on June 14 was 106th anniversary for Archipelago. The theme of anniversary is “A Diversity Relation of Cultural Heritage as Nation Identity”. This theme was choosing as representative of presence of cultural heritage in order to strengthen nationality knowledge, identity, and caring of diversity. By the theme, it was expected the existence of early remains (cultural heritage) can give contribution in national development, which transcends the boundaries of ethnic, racial, cultural and religion group within the auspices of the unitary state of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). The commemoration of 106th anniversary was fun in Sangiran and not only felt by employees but also the around society.

In this time of commemorate Archeological anniversary, BPSMP Sangiran initiate a simply activity, not only to reach around society but also try to introduce and rise the around potential. To commemorate this 106th anniversary, BPSMP Sangiran held a flag ceremony, green walk, and tree planting in Punden Tingkir, and also clean trash around Sangiran museum cluster Krikilan and monument finding S.27.

The participation of society and rise the potential is related with theme of 106th early times anniversary, by the involvement of diverse communities of backgrounds, it was expected can give understanding about their participation in preserving Sangiran site. Preservation’s efforts of Sangiran site need contribution from various parties; one of them is the community that lives on the Sangiran site. The community that lives on Sangiran site as the most legitimate owners of land on Sangiran site must take part in feeling ownership which is as tourist destination as well as source of early man knowledge.

Beside the community involvement, BPSMP Sangiran feel responsible for rising the potential on Sangiran site, one of them is Punden Tingkir, a tourist destination prepared for utilizing Sangiran site and also Monument S.27 which the location close together. On occasion in Punden Tingkir, Mr. M. Hidayat as the head of BPSMP Sangiran has big expectation, “I hope this commemoration of 106th early times can be spirit for all of us, government and society, to preserve cultural heritage in Sangiran site”. The same thing was also stated by someone who handle Punden Tingkir feel happy and flattered because Punden Tingkir is become part of events in commemoration 106th early times anniversary. “We feel cared of, as someone who handles one of cultural tourist alternative destination near Sangiran museum. “Hopefully, this location can be more popular and in the end can be alternative destination, can give cultural contribution, and also increase the economics of around community”.

A big expectation revealed on the commemoration 106th early times anniversary, a hope and prayer of society with dream for the future. An expectation of commemoration 106th Archeological anniversary is better progress. This meaningful event in Sangiran can be a step forward. (Wiwit Hermanto)
Translate by Mutiara Solikhah