Non Massive Tools


Sangiran Site contributes non-massive stone tools in the form of flakes, blades, and scrapers. Morphologically, they are varied in shapes, like triangle, rectangle, square, pentagon, trapezoid, round, and asymmetric. They are about 1 cm to 7 cm. The shapes and sizes are influenced by the materials used, technical factor of the makers, and function.

Generally, seen from the technology used, non-massive stone tools are characterized by the existence of striking plain to release its core zone, faceted dorsal part, bulbus on its ventral part, and primping on the left or right side as well as its tip. Non-massive stone tools are generally made from chalcedony, chertz, and jasper. In Sangiran, they are found in Pucangan Formation, grenzbank, Kabuh and Notopuro Formations. They spread almost to the whole areas of Sangiran Site in Kalijambe, Plupuh, Gemolong (Sragen), and Gondangrejo (Karanganyar) Districts.

(Wahyu Widianta, Ilham Abdullah, Haris Rahmanendra, Iwan SB)

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