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The Netherlands realized that its Military Aggression did not provide benefits and instead made the Indonesian people’s resistance even more widespread. In addition, the international community put pressure on the Netherlands. So, there is no other way but to follow the UN’s recommendation to return to the negotiating table.

The Roem Royen negotiation was held at the Des Indes Hotel in Jakarta and was led by Merle Cochran, the Indonesian delegation was represented by Mr. Muhammad Roem and the Netherlands are chaired by Dr. JH Van Royen. Negotiations ended on May 7, 1949 with the result: the Indonesian government, including the leaders who were captured, would be returned to Yogyakarta and the two parties agreed to hold a Round Table Conference (KMB) in Den Haag.

The participation of the Indonesian government in further negotiations is not without conditions. The Indonesian government demanded that the Dutch Army be withdrawn from the Yogyakarta region. Finally the Netherlands accepted these requirements. On 2 June 1949 the evacuation of the Yogyakarta region began under the supervision of UNCI (United Nations Commissions for Indonesia).

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