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Republic of South Maluku

The Republic of South Maluku (RMS) is a republic in the Maluku Islands which was proclaimed on April 25, 1950. The RMS rebellion was led by former attorney general NIT (State of East Indonesia), Soumokil whose aim was to release the Maluku region from the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Before the RMS was proclaimed, the Governor of the Nine Serangkai which consisted of KNIL troops and the Greater East party carried out propaganda against the Republic of Indonesia to separate the Maluku region. On the other hand, towards the proclamation of the RMS, Soumokil had succeeded in gathering strength from the people in the Central Maluku region. Meanwhile, a group of people who expressed their support for NKRI were threatened and put in prison because it was viewed badly by Soumokil.

On April 25, 1950, RMS members proclaimed the founding of the Republic of South Maluku with J.H Manuhutu as President, Albert Wairisal as Prime Minister and ministers consisting of Mr.Dr.C.R.S Soumokil, D.j. Gasperz, J. Toule, S.J.H Norimarna, J.B Pattiradjawane, P.W Lokollo, H.F Pieter, A. Nanlohy, Dr.Th. Pattiradjawane, Ir.J.A. Manusama, and Z. Pesuwarissa.

On April 27, 1950 Dr.J.P. Nikijuluw was appointed as the Vice President of the RMS for overseas regions and is based in Den Haag, Netherlands. On May 3, 1950, Soumokil replaced Munuhutu as RMS President. On May 9, 1950, RMS Army (APRMS) was formed with Sergeant Major KNIL, D.J Samson as commander in chief, sergeant major Pattiwale as chief of staff and other staff members consisting of Sergeant Major Kastanja, Sergeant Major Aipassa, and Sergeant Major Pieter. The rank system follows the system from KNIL.

The Indonesia government sent Dr. J. Leimena to submit a request for peace to the RMS to continue joining the Republic of Indonesia. However, it was rejected by Soumokil. This rejection made the Indonesian government decide to carry out a military expedition. Colonel A.E. Kawilarang was chosen as the leader in carrying out the military expedition. He was the commander of the Eastern Indonesia army and territory who was understood to understand the condition of Indonesia in the eastern region.

Eventually the Ambon city was conquered in early November 1950. However, during the capture of Fort Nieuw Victoria, Lieutenant Colonel Slamet Riyadi died. However, struggles continued on Seram Island until 1962. After that, on 12 December 1963, Soumokil was finally captured and then confronted with the Extraordinary Military Tribunal in Jakarta. Based on the decision of the Extraordinary Military Court, Soumokil was sentenced to death. In the end the RMS rebellion was successfully stopped by the Indonesian government.