When the Bakohumas Thematic Forum Participants are introduced with Privilege


Bakohumas Thematic Forum Participants was held by Education and Culture Ministry visited to Sangiran Early Man Museum Krikilan cluster. This visit was on June 20 2019 that was being part of Bakohumas Thematic Forum Participants event in Surakarta. In this visit the participants are warmly welcome with Sangiran typical hospitality. In this visit, the participants gave explanation through presentation, discussion, and Question–Answer, watching Sangiran movie, and explore the displays. On the explanation, Mr. Hidayat gave information and knowledge about the important value has by Sangiran site and the evidence is display on the museum. After gave his presentation, Mr. Hidayat invited the participants to watch Sangiran movie that can give illustration audio and visually. Through this movie, it can give illustration about site Sangiran Museum. Discussion and Question-Answer are become the complementary of this visit. In the end, participants are invited to look around the museums and displays in Sangiran Museum cluster Krikilan.

To complete participants’ knowledge, BPSMP Sangiran gave them some books as souvenirs. One of books is “Homo erectus catalog” which is as special edition. Another, Iwan Setiawan Bimas, S.S as the Head of Utilization section said “This Homo erectus catalog is special because contains technology, not only as a book. This book is mix of knowledge, art and interesting technology for the reader,” Bakohumas Thematic Forum Participants visited in Sangiran Museum cluster Krikilan was introduced to Augmented Reality (AR) technology. After hearing the explanations about this book, some participants are interested to try.

“Wow, what is that?”

“Wow, it’s great that contain AR”

“How to enjoy AR from this book?”

“How to upload the application?”

“It is interesting if there is AR in a book like this”

Those are comments from participants “introduced” to AR technology on Homo erectus catalog. The books is become souvenir and knowledge that bring go home by Bakohumas Thematic Forum Participants visited early man Museum Sangiran Krikilan cluster. (Wiwit Hermanto)

Translate by Mutiara Solikhah