Sangiran World Prehistoric Site (Mainland, at last!)


The open forest environment, enriched by rivers was common scene in Sangiran at 900,000 – 300,000 years ago. In this time, Sangiran had its most wonderful environment, with the life of Homo erectus (typical) along with various species of animal. Ancient Elephants genus Mastodon sp. had been replaced by the modern genus, those are Stegodon sp. and Elephas sp., cervidae, and Bovidae were increasing in number, followed by the new comer Rhino (Rhinoceros sp.) and pig (Sus sp.), also tiger (Phantera tigris sp.). Early man (typical Homo erectus) was sophisticatedly creating the stone tools in the form of flakes and hand-axes. This is the golden era of Sangiran, occurring for more than 500,000 years. (Harry Widianto dan Iwan Setiawan Bimas)

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