Sangiran Stratigraphy And Early Environment (Early Life in Transitional Environment)


Transitional environment is characterized by the medium waves and the sunlight penetration in litoral zone. Planktonic organism like Diatomea algae, grew and spread in that environment. After their dead, the plankton has been deposited in seabed to be diatomea sediment. Diatomea sediment is found in Pablengan Sub-Village at 1 km northeast to Sangiran Museum.
Shark, turtle, and various kind of molusca was grew and vegetated the transitional environment. Afterthey died, their remains which are easily decomposed in water and the hard part were sedimented in the basin. Recently, shark tooth fossil, turtle Shell, molusk’s Shell were found in bluish-grey marine clay of Lower Pucangan Formation. Shark tooth fossil were commonly found in Krikilan, 800 meters eastward from Sangiran Museum, and 100 meters northward from Bapang Channel. (Suwita Nugraha, Wulandari, Iwan SB)

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