Sangiran Fauna in the Last 2,4 Million Years (Rhinos/ rhinoceros sondaicus)


Rhinnoceros sondaicus is kind of Rhino lived in Sangiran, as the part of Perissodcatyla (odd-toed ungulate animal) Rhino comes from Latin means nose, and ceros means horns; sondaicus comes form Sunda, where the animals comes from, having meaning animal with horns on his nose. Rhino reach 3,1-3,2 meters length, 1,4-1,7 height, and 900-2300 kg in weight.

The fossil finding in Sangiran was found in Kabuh formation with a proposed dating of 780,000 years ago. The common fossils are teeth fragments, mandibular and maxilla, and leg bones fragments.

Hono is herbivorous, consumes most of parts of plant especially branches, leaves, and fallen fruits. Rhinos live in open prairie and small trees, where the mud pool or saline water exists. Rhino lives solitary, only with the pair and baby. Sometimes they gathered in small group while staying in the mud. This is usually done to keep their bodies cool, and to prevent parasite attache their bodies. (Pipit Puji Lestari, Marlia Yulianti Rosyidah, Febri Wijanarko, Iwan SB) Plese click here