To actualize a museum’s ecosystem that has national character and personality, that was the proposed theme in Museums National Summit (PNM) in Indonesia 2016 at Bali. This event was held by Director of the Cultural Heritage Preservation and Museums, Director General for Culture from Ministry of Education and Culture cooperated with the provincial government of Bali and Indonesian Museum Association in Sanur Paradise Hotel, Bali. This event occurred from May 30th until June 2nd, 2016. This year PNM were attended by around 300 people who consisted of Government Museums, Local Government Museums, private museums, Indonesian and Regional Museum Association, technical unit of Director General for Culture, museum observers, academics, and museum communities. The 2016 PNM presented very competent speakers who also had great concern toward museum.

pnm-1 pnm-2

The 2016 PNM discussed the application of digital technology in museum’s development, museum development policy, improvement of image of Indonesian museums, and public involvement in news development. Potencies and problems that occurred in Indonesian museums were also discussed in this event. In accordance with the proposed theme, this PNM became a media for discussion and information exchange about chances and challenges the museum would face in the future, so that formula and recommendations that supported the actualization of national character and personality in museums’ ecosystem could be obtained. Attaining such ecosystem needs creative, productive and innovative museum executives, moreover the museum has high competitiveness nationally and internationally. (MJ)

-translated by: Arif Budianto-