Interesting Discussion When Exploring the Museum


The visit of Bakohumas Thematic Forum Participants in Sangiran Early Man Museum Krikilan cluster on June 20 2019 is part of events. In this visit, the participants are invited to look around and witness the greatness of Sangiran through collections on the displays.

This visit gave various knowledges about Sangiran through presentation, watching movie, discussion and Question-Answer. For outdoor, the participants are invited to look around in Sangiran Early Man Museum Krikilan cluster. This museum is center of visit which is give knowledge about Sangiran into 3 displays.

The display which give various information about Sangiran, start from first display that present about Sangiran Wealth show various collections in Sangiran. This becomes start for participant to get educational knowledge. Second display present about the step of humanity, tell about story of past life in Sangiran through collections, dioramas, and technologies to make it complete. Third display tell about Golden Era of Homo erectus is around 500.000 years ago, it well present through giant diorama, mannequin, fossils, and technology to make it complete. Even more it also said by some figures visited Sangiran.

In exploring displays, beside witness the greatness of Sangiran but also ask some questions since in the first display. The questions are:

“How to determine the age of fossils?”

“Why are there sea animal here?”

“How is community role to the museum?”

“Is the collections here authentic?”

“How to become a fossil?”

“Who is made statue here?”

“Why is there early man here?”

“Is any dinosaur found here?”

“Why is early man lived in Java Island?”

“How many museum visitors?”

By those questions, it grew into a discussion between participants and guides. This discussion is complete the information in Museum. This discussion is become part of approach in giving brief explanation that can accepted and understand by the participants. In the last display the participants still asked some questions. This discussion is become a conclusion of the whole events of visit. “Through collections on displays, the price of ticket is cheap, this kind of visitors, those are such an achievement. Not every museum can get visitors as much as in this museum”, on the long holiday like Ied Mubarak day, there are 20.000 visitors came to museum, and it was an achievement. Must be improving”, said one participant. (Wiwit Hermanto)
Translate by Mutiara Solikhah