Fauna of Sangiran


Besides its excellent resource of human fossils and artifacts, Sangiran also has a huge mass of animal’s fossils. These fossils can be found in every stratigraphy unlike the human fossils and their tools that can only be found in a particular layer, it exists in Kalibeng Formation, Pucangan Formation, grenzbank, Kabuh Formation, and Notopuro Formation. The fauna is quite varied from marine animals, reptile, also vertebrata. Most of the vertebrata were Stegodon sp. and Elephas sp. (a kind of ancient elephant), Cervidae (a kind of deer), Bovidae (a kind of buffalo, cow, and bull), swamp alligator, as well as Rhinoceros sp. (Rhinoceros). These remains were found in every stratigraphy that particularly was able to describe the faunal evolution that was occurred in Sangiran for more than 1 million year.

In Sangiran, human had lived harmonically with the animal world that was a part of their ancient environment, and probably, most of the animals were their prey.

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