Early Dance is One of Arts Which Raise up Local Wisdom on the Sangiran Site


Early Man Museum Ngebung cluster is becomes center of 2019 World Heritage Day Celebration for 2 days, May 3-4 2019. This Wolrd Heritage Day Celebration is the result of coordination between Directorate of Heritage and Culture Diplomacy (Ministry of Education and Culture), Community of Site and Culture Preservation, and also Pokdarwis Wonderful Sangiran. In that chance, performed various local arts, one of them is early dance.

This early dance comes from a village on Sangiran site which have various backgrounds of age, job, education, and social. That village is Dayu, Gondangrejo, Karanganyar regency; this group develops aim to present entertainment for audiences. This group is still young, according to Warseno as the head of Group, he said “Early dance has only been running for about 3 years since the opening of Dayu museum, and we are group from Dayu Village”.

By utilize early man life in the past, this group develop story through movement and song on their performance. Their performance is not only giving story about early man life in the past but also like what they said “We try to present art and entertainment through early man story”.

This early dance is tried to reveal early man life story in the past around them. This becomes a part of processing local wisdom to present in their performance.

During these 3 years, the group is also get various problems, up and down that try to be solved together. During these 3 years, this group is tried to solve the problems through discussion. Every member has right to give their ideas and then they take decision through voting.

“Development of Early Dance in Dayu is up and down, especially for movement idea, costume or music”, said Warseno.

There is cooperation between this group to support movement and step. In every performance, this group discussing about step to accept or reject the invitation. “Not every invitation is accepted”. We coordinate and discuss first, whether the member can perform at that time, and about fee is not our main focus”, said Warseno.

Through art that still running in Sangiran site which is accompanied by local wisdom will enrich the culture exist. Local wisdom that related to early man life story in the past should be supported to grow and Sangiran site. That will make Sangiran be more special through society arts that exist in society. (Wiwit Hermanto)
Translate by Mutiara Solikhah