Bioling, Educate and Entertain the Society


Mobile cinema playing in Mlandingan on Saturday, June 22 2019 is one of efforts by BPSMP Sangiran to educate and also entertain the society. In this chance, Bioling team decides to only play Sangiran films.

Another, Iwan Setiawan Bimas, S.S as the head of Utilization section explain “Films that we play in Bioling in Mlandingan is more on explanation to society about what BPSMP do as the management information about site, Sangiran Museum and also the greatness of Sangiran must be preserved”.

This decision was taken because material about Sangiran whether films or TV programs are more interested by society. Besides seeing the audience’s information needs about Sangiran. This becomes an evaluation from mobile cinema playing before, and also from Paidin, community figure Mlandingan village when coordinate before mobile cinema playing.

“We hope to get information about Sangiran. Through Bioling, i believe it will well receive by societies”, said Paidin.

Mlandingan community is never get a lot of information about Sangiran before, whereas they are in the middle of Sangiran site. Communities are still didn’t understand what should they take in participating of preserving Sangiran site.

“The main purpose of Bioling is give information to the society so they can take role in preserving Sangiran site”, said Iwan.

Through material produced by BPSMP Sangiran, films and TV Programs give information and knowledge for the audience.

Mobile cinema playing or Bioling is one of efforts to spread of information about Sangiran in education and entertainment form for the society.

Material that will play in Bioling should be prepared well, by estimating audience segmentation, audience information needs, and readiness of material to be played and also the important thing is pay attention to local wisdom in the community. Those things can be coordinated with community by community, religion, young figures or surrounding apparatus.

Digging information through coordination that prioritizes family and one purpose, called cultural progress. Cultural progress through Bioling that educates and entertains community, without forget the essence of information for society. (Wiwit Hermato)

Translate by Mutiara Solikhah