A proverb from Soekarno, Indonesia’s independence proclamator and the first president of Indonesia, that keeps lingering until today, “JAS MERAH, Jangan Sekali-Kali Melupakan Sejarah” (Don’t ever forget history). A history to remember the past as a lesson for the future generations. That proverb becomes a motivation in the existence of Ngebung Cluster Early Man Museum. Museum that prioritize the history of the finding of primordial culture in Ngebung hill by von Koenigswald and other heroes that have made Sangiran site is known broadly since in the early 1930s.

Since the first time it was known by the world, Sangiran site offered a discovery of mysteries for knowledge. A long journey from the first time Sangiran was found until it was known all around the world is presented in this museum. Sangiran site keeps having a development and advancement in various aspects so it interest researchers to come doing a research in this site.

Sangiran site is developed and advanced in various aspects from time to time. The development and the advancement in Sangiran Early Man Museum does not happen only at Krikilan cluster but also happens in Dayu, Ngebung, Bukuran, and Manyarejo. This development spreads in the aspect of the applied technology, not just the displayed collections. The development is done along with the technology advancement in order to keep the museum up to date and fulfil the visitors’ expectation in gathering information and knowledge.

The development and the advancement does not separate the museum from its history in the past. To remember the service of people who have dedicate their life to introduce Sangiran site to the world and to remember the journey in discovering early man heritage, Ngebung Cluster Early Man Museum is built. In this museum, visitors can get knowledge about the history of Sangiran site from those who has sacrificed a lot in introducing Sangiran site to the world. Cluster Ngebung Early Man Museum provides information for its visitor about the history of the finding of primordial culture in Sangiran site wrapped in sophisticated technology.


This museum’s existence is a proof of reverence to history and dedication from those who have done a lot of sacrifice for Sangiran site in the past. The history of the finding of primordial culture becomes an extra feature in this museum. Let’s remember the message from Bung Karno, the Indonesia’s Independence proclamator the first president of Indonesia, it is very beautiful when history from the past makes the future generations proud and love their own national culture. (wiwit hermanto)

-translated by: Arif Budianto-