A ceremony celebrating the 103th Archeology Day on June 14th, 2016 at the front yard of Display 3 building was full of participants wearing colorful and vigorous traditional clothes. In this ceremony, traditional clothes were chosen as the dress code for every participant of the ceremony outside the ceremony officers and security officers.

Welcoming speech from Director of the Cultural Heritage Preservation and Museums which was read by the ceremony inspector stated that culture should be developed and then contribute to civilization and boast the nation in international world. To reach that goal, Director General for Culture and its ranks make efforts on improving human resources and also revitalization of cultural heritage and museums. Furthermore, the involvement and participation from locals was needed.


With the spirit of 103th archaeology day, we hope we could actualize an independent and dignified culture. A noble goal to develop a nation’s character that capable advancing this nation. (wiwit hermanto)

-translated by: Arif Budianto-